About Me

meHi,  Theron Duca here. My friends call me Duca and this is my blog.   Ton’s of attorneys use their blog to self-promote and to drive business to their law website.  Although I don’t personally have a problem with them doing that, this is not what I hope to accomplish here in my blog.  I hope to give others a chance to weigh in on their expertise and offer up some advice here an there. And, if along the way they (those darn lawyers) want to do a bit of self-promoting, for all the good it will do them here, then go for it. I hope to use this “effort” as a way to help the public understand the law and the legal issues that are most important to our readers.

Internet and social media advisers tell many attorneys that you must blog to improve your law practice’s chances of being seen on the web. This advice should help us gain some excellent and thoughtful insight on a lot of the legal issues facing us in America today. I Don’t mean the big national issues, but the simple “straight talk” about things like Divorce, DUI Defense, Criminal and other legal dilemma that seem to plague us citizens.

My job here, along with editing and writing when I can will be to keep things moving in the conversation of law and legal issues and objective as possible. The goal is to give to our reader concise information in an easy to read format without “talking down” but talk with you on issue from the mundane to the complicated.

Lawyers get asked for advice constantly and giving this advice is of course how they make their living. So, giving it out for free takes a bit of coaxing on our part and therefore I reference back to the “self-promoting” aspect of our blog. The trade for valuable legal advice from qualified attorneys for the chance to tell you how great they are at what they do!

This blog is intended to, and hopefully will succeed, at relating the FAQ that so many lawyers get often from friends and family about the effects that the law has on their everyday lives. In addition we will bring you some outside the box thinking on trends and social issues when they are impacted by the legal system and how the legal system is used to help solve at times these social problems and diversions (sometimes perversions) in how we would like to see people act and react throughout society. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find this website meaningful and helpful.