Avoid These Boat Buying Pitfalls to Get the Most of Your Time on the Water

boat-for-saleThere is a lot that needs to go into the buying decision for a new boat, and making one mistake can really come back and hurt you both financially and mentally. The last thing you want is to start regretting your decision because it will only make matters worse. If you can avoid these boats sale buying pitfalls you will be in the best shape to have years of memorable times out on the high seas.

1. Never pay full asking price for your boat. Negotiate and do your homework so the selling price allows you plenty of wiggle room.

2. Do not buy a boat on impulse. Instead, go out with family or friends as often as possible to get your sea legs and yo really get an inside look as to the inner workings of this exciting lifestyle.

3. Don’t ignore those advertisements for local boat shows. There will be plenty of new boats and people who are willing to help you get your first boat. Be sure to bring all your questions with you because these shows can be quite overwhelming in size and variety.

4. Stop thinking the cost of the boat is your only expense. You simply can not ignore the fact that you need to start paying for maintenance, storage, repairs, licenses, permits, insurance, fuel, upgrades, equipment, toys, and possibly a new trailer to get the boat in and out of the water.

5. Never think that you will get the best possible deal going with a new boat. Don’t overlook the used boats, not only can you negotiate even more, you might be able to secure all those accessories like gear and equipment you will eventually need to buy.

6. Don’t think you are skilled enough to handle any emergencies on your boat. Take a boat safety class because things can and will go bad fast miles from the shore. If someone gets injured or the boat capsizes, you have to be able to ensure your guests you have things under control.

7. Never assume that boat will be able to handle all your adventures on the seas. If you are looking to do fishing, don’t shop for a party boat. Speak with those in the know and make sure the boats you are interested in can handle what you plan on doing out at sea.

Avoid these boat buying pitfalls and you will certainly get the most out of your time with family and friends out on the water.